Hiring Interns: 3 Tips for Finding the Best Match

May 2nd, 2018

Interns can be a valuable asset to any company, and bringing them on-board also offers you the opportunity to help train the next generation’s workforce. Introducing interns into your hiring plan not only gives you a few extra hands around the office, but allows up and coming workers to learn the ins and the outs of office life. Helping these new workers grow their skills, develop their passions, and adjust to life with a job is a big accomplishment. Basically, it’s a win-win for both you and the intern!

As we approach intern season, may college students will be looking for opportunities to help grown their resumes. Use these 4 tips below to ensure you get the most out of your intern program, and hire the best people for the job.

Proper Project Management

To have a successful intern program, you need to have an intern manager who is willing to invest in the success of the interns, as well as help manage their projects and goals. Without a great leader at the helm, interns run the risk of being unproductive and unimportant. Be sure your intern manager develops a program with real, actionable tasks, and takes an interest in helping these workers grow.

This project manager should also be aware that they’re working with very green employees, and they may need to provide more hand-holding than usual. It’s best to establish a trustworthy relationship, one where the interns feel comfortable asking questions and aren’t afraid to speak up.

Give Interns a Long-Term Project They Can Lead

A great way to run your intern program is by providing them with a long-term project that they themselves can lead. Along with the more menial tasks they will undoubtably assist with, a long-term project will give them a sense of purpose, and help create an eager attitude when they walk in the door each morning. Is there something that you’ve wanted to pursue but haven’t had the chance to? Assign it to your interns. Routinely check in with them, and be sure to be available for any questions they may have, but also give them the opportunity to dig in and spread their wings. This is not only an efficient way for you to get your otherwise low-hanging fruit projects done, but gives the interns a tangible project that they can put on their resume in the future.

Provide Proper Compensation or Benefits

There are many different ways to compensate interns: money, school credits, benefits. Find out what works best for your company, but be sure that it’s a valuable trade for a summer full of work. To motivate interns, find a way to reward them properly. The job, while still an internship, is often their first foray into the working world. If they are treated and compensated properly, they will be better employees. And who knows, they may even become loyal, full-time employees in the future.

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