5 Common Hiring Mistakes Employers Make

Nov 23rd, 2016

The hiring process is not easy, and sometimes it can be unforgiving. When you’re ready to hire someone, you have to consider a candidate’s skill level and personality, and how you can incorporate them into the company. Here are five common hiring mistakes employees make that should be avoided.

Being a Narrow Search Stickle

Your company may have an image of the ideal candidate, but that may be doing your business a disservice because not many applicants will be the perfect fit. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the same individual during every hiring session. A business thrives when it is diverse.

Going with First Impressions

The first impression is important, but should not be the sole basis on which to hire. Employers often base their hiring choices on whether or not they are initially impressed with the candidate, rather than the skills and mindset they possess. One of the most challenging aspects of the hiring process is not knowing whether the candidate will perform to the company’s standards once they are hired. Many job seekers will come prepared for the interview, but a good interviewee is not always the right candidate.

Being Unsure of What You Need

As the employer, you should be aware of what your company needs, aside from simply filling the positions for which you are hiring. You need to be clear about the job being offered and the duties and responsibilities that accompany it. When you mislead a candidate, you risk a bad hire.

Unclear Hiring Policy

Employee Handbook

Things change in the world of business, and that’s OK. However, the company’s hiring policy needs to be clear, regardless of the number of times it is changed. Unclear policies welcome many mishaps, including confused hiring managers and potential legal trouble. Every employer should have a handbook that explains the rules and regulations of the company. Visit the SBA for tips on writing an Employee Handbook.

Failure to Showcase Culture

Employees want to know what a business can offer. They are away from their family more than half of the day, so they want to know about the work environment, benefits, salary, flexibility, and perks. The last thing you want to do is take a financial gamble with your company. Avoid making this mistake by being clear with your hiring intentions.

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Hiring the perfect employee rarely happens, but it’s not impossible. These five tips will help your business with its hiring process and increase your chances of good hires.

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