Apr 10th, 2021

Finding the right broker is impossible without reading the right reviews. You need to read the Pepperstone review to understand the most important things that you need to know. The other way to achive that is to create accounts in all the brokers and find the info for yourself. This can take a lot of time. Many of the brokers have very slow procedures for opening an account, and if you are from third world country you will be even slowed additionally by things like proof of adress and things like that.

The Pepperstone review first focuses on the most important things in a broker – this are the regulations. If the broker is not regulated by a trustworthy regulator this means that your money are not safe. But if you read the review of Pepperstone you will see that the broker is regulated by several authorities.

The next important thing is the spread. The spread actually represents 95% of the costs when trading. The lower the transaction costs are , the more you earn. Don’t think that you open small amount of trades and it doesn’t matter. Even for 1 trade daily this means 250 trades per year  multiply it by the lots and you will see that this will exceeed your monthly profit.

Lets not forget the swap. Swap may not be important for all. If you are intraday trader and you never keep trades over night – it is not important for you. But if you keep trades for a long time. You may loose 1 point daily just because you choose a broker with bad swaps.



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