Jun 6th, 2021

Erectile dysfunction is a remarkably common complaint that often occurs in older men, but can happen in people of all ages. By not being able to gain an erection or sustain one long enough to enjoy sex, millions of men around the world are left with feelings of inferiority, embarrassment and even depression. Lives can be potentially ruined by this condition that in effect strips men of the masculinity. There are, however, a number of varied methods that allow sufferers to remedy their problem with significant improvement to sexual performance. Which erectile dysfunction treatment is right for you?

Lifestyle Change

Given that successfully gaining an erection is highly dependant on good blood flow to the penis, the easiest step to take in treating your condition is altering your lifestyle to improve general health. First, you should ensure that you are undertaking regular exercise to improve heart function and to ensure good flow of oxygen in your blood at all times. In addition, smoking is proven to have an impact on the ability to achieve an erection – if you stop smoking or at the very least reduce your nicotine intake, you are bound to see improvements in your sexual performance.

Psychological Remedies

It is thought that approximately 15% of all erectile dysfunction cases are caused by psychological concerns, restricting your ability to become relaxed and fully aroused. Fundamentally, you should be looking to minimise stress in your life as a potential erectile dysfunction treatment. Of course, there is a danger that an inability to meet your own sexual standards will actively increase stress levels – you should begin by focusing on the fact that you are doing something about your problem, not feeling anxious or guilty that the problem exists in the first place.

Underlying Conditions

Some men will find that an underlying health condition could be responsible for their erectile dysfunction. Most commonly, these underlying conditions include diabetes or heart disease, both of which can decrease your ability to sustain an erection for the duration of sexual activity. If you feel you may be presenting any other symptoms of these underlying conditions, be sure to speak to your doctor. It is also possible that medicines prescribed for other conditions include side effects of possible erectile dysfunction. A health professional can help to find a treatment that works for you.


Whilst there are injections and suppositories that are sometimes used for erectile dysfunction treatment, the most common pharmaceutical solution is the range of oral medications currently available. These medicines, such as Cenforce, Vidalista and Fildena and Cialis Black are convenient to take in the privacy of your home, highly effective and even available to buy online. For a large amount of men who suffer from ongoing erectile problems, these tablets enable them to engage in planned sexual activity with great success rates.  Although tablets are not suitable for all cases, this is by far the most popular erectile dysfunction treatment available.

Surgical Treatments

In the most extreme cases, some men decide to go for a surgical approach to treating impotence. One such option is a penile implant, which involves inserting semi rigid or inflatable rods into either side of the penis, allowing for direct control over how erect the penis is. Alternatively, one rare cause of erectile dysfunction is a leaking blood vessel in the penis and surgery to correct this is available. These surgical options are very much for use in a worst-case scenario and it is important to remember that the majority of men successfully solve their condition through less invasive methods.


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