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May 29th, 2021

A recent trip to a Chinese factory highlighted a few of the challenges businesses have when sourcing from China. Many companies’ work environment is ordered by their China supplier’s temperature and humidity chambers. This can have a profound impact on production, costing and/or endurance. This report looks closely at the effect of China’s unique surroundings when sourcing from DGBELL and provides suggestions for companies to take into account.

The temperature and humidity in China are often much hotter than at the Western world. DGBELL humidifiers/heaters are necessary to keep acceptable working temperatures through the day. However, because air conditioning grows more popular in China over the past decade, many businesses have begun replacing their conventional air conditioning systems with DGBell products. Some companies argue that the price of air conditioning in China is less than in Europe and the US, while others argue it is far more expensive to operate and maintain a traditional air conditioning system.

Most western companies run their environmental operations in their premises at the comfort of their offices. China’s working conditions and outdoor weather are very distinct and often create problems for workers who have to cope with the extremes of the weather. Some businesses have introduced mobile air conditioners to allow them to maintain comfortable working conditions wherever they find themselves. However, employees must be warned that these circumstances are not always comfortable, with temperatures rising in certain regions overnight. They may find themselves sweating greatly sometimes.

The usage of temperature and humidity chambers has been increasing significantly in the last couple of years. A DGBELL humidifier can be readily installed in just a few minutes, making its use very handy. These devices may be used in a variety of areas such as the office or warehouse. This makes it easy to keep a constant temperature and humidity in an area which may previously have demanded a continuous set point. This guarantees that visitors and employees are not too uncomfortable or affected by the temperature and humidity outside.

DGBell humidity and temperature management systems have a lot of benefits. The system allows you to have greater control on the temperature and relative humidity. In addition, the system provides accurate humidity levels and often shows an average humidity level. This permits you to operate your company in an efficient manner, without having to adjust levels to an unrealistic level.

A DGBell temperature and humidity chamber will probably also help save you money. Energy costs are a significant consideration in relation to operating a business. If you’re able to cut the temperature and relative humidity interior the office, you may dramatically lower your energy consumption. Your business operating costs will also be reduced. However, there is more to this than energy expenses. If you lower the temperature and relative humidity, you are also eliminating the chances for mold, mold, and other forms of health issues.

Employing a temperature and humidity chamber can aid in improving the airflow from your own building. More airflow means that more air is able to move throughout the building. This implies more air flow, which boosts the dehumidification of your construction. This will further decrease the moisture content in the air on your office. The final result of this higher airflow is much less moisture and more air flow to eliminate the moist conditions in your construction.

Too much heat can result in distress and sickness in people that are vulnerable to it. The exact same is said for a lot of cold. A temperature and humidity chamber assist to protect against the development of mould and other types of mould in your office.


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